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The Spirit of Mathematics (2023)

Shortlisted for Chalkdust magazine's

Book of the Year 2023

"A delight... always entertaining."

Popular Science

"A marvellous present for any enquiring mind."

Physics Education

"Every teacher should have a copy."

Mathematics in School

The Wonder Book of Geometry (2020)

"Give this to a curious teenager and they will fall in love with geometry."

Alex Bellos

"Blows every known textbook on the subject out of the water."

Popular Science

geometry cover 8_edited.jpg

"This is the book on calculus I wish I'd written."

Hannah Fry

"A masterpiece."

Steven Strogatz

the calculus story 1aaa.jpg

The Calculus Story (2017)

1089 and All That (2002)

"An instant classic."

Mathematical Association of America


Now translated into 13 languages

From Calculus to Chaos (1997)

"A beautiful historical review of physical mathematics"


Elementary Fluid Dynamics (1990)

"A first-class introduction to fluid dynamics."

International Mathematical News

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